How to build a static website - Part 3 | Your Domain

How to build a static website - Part 3 | Your Domain

Now that we have coded our very basic webpage, we need to make sure the rest of the world can also see our page. Of course, this is not something that each of you will do, but its good to know how to properly do it.

The domain

Back in the day's domains where quite boring, you had .com .org and some country domains and that was it. Nowadays you actually have quite a lot of domain extentions like this website has .tech and there are so much more like .agency .news etc. The chance that you can get your prefered .com domain is quite slim. The reason for that is that it is probably already registered by someone. Therefore we are quite lucky we have other cool top level domain extentions like mentioned before.

Now, you can buy your domain on any website that sells domain names. However, I do recommend you to buy it from Google, CloudFlare or TransIP. In my experience everything works quite well with their services, especially TransIP.

You just have to buy it

After finding a name you like, all you have to do is buy it. Keep in mind, the cost you see are yearly cost. After you have bought your domain name, you can connect it to hosting.

Some, or actually most hosting companies you can buy domains, will alsolet you choose your hosting options there. If you want you can use that option, but more on this in the next part of this series. For now you can skip the hosting part, we can always connect it later 😉.

Cool! You are almost ready to launch your very first website. We are going to work on a lot of cool stuff in the future to make that website look great! For now, well done! You are starting to understand the basics. See you in the next part!