Shopify Source, will this be your way of growing your business?

Shopify Source, will this be your way of growing your business?

Nowadays it seems that Shopify is launching new products or features almost every week. This time they launched a new App in 'Early access' mode and only for certain merchants, called "Shopify Source". You're probably wondering, hu? What is this? Can I look at the source of my Shopify website? Or is it something completely different.

As Shopify is not an Open Source platform, that, you having the ability to view the Shopify source code is definitely not it. But what is it? It's a really cool new App that let's you source your products from other suppliers on the Shopify platform. Meaning, you don't have to develop products, you can simply resell products of other Shopify merchants.

How does this work?

As Shopify merchant you can install this app on your Shopify website. Note that in the current status, the app is only available in Canada and the USA. After installing the app you can import products from a merchant you have made a deal with. You can then edit some product details, and the merchant you are sourcing your products from will actually set the retail price. The difference between the retail price and the bulk price you buy your products from, from your supplier will be the profit for the selling party.

After installing you can both invite other merchants to sell your product, or be invited by other merchants to sell their product. Getting an invite is as simple as accepting the invite via an email, and sending an invite is as easy as going into the settings of the app and email a merchant.

Does it need any requirements?

The app does need any requirements. A couple are listed below:

  • You need to receive an invitation email with the installation link from Shopify Source.
  • Your business needs to be based in the United States or Canada.
  • You need to have Shopify Payments activated in your store.

Is everything now automatic?

Unfortunatly, probably due to the fact that this is st ill in early preview, not everything is automatic yet. At the moment payments from the selling party to the sourcing party are not yet automatic. You as the seller will receive the full amount first and need to make agreements with the sourcing party to make sure that you pay your sourcing party.

To end off, I think its an awesome idea and will bring a lot of Shopify merchants more business, both for the sellers as the sourcing parties. This is yet another example of how Shopify is constantly inovating in order to help their merchants grow.