πŸŽ‰ Public Launch

πŸŽ‰ Public Launch

And.... We are LIVE!

So to begin with, the idea of this website has been there for aaaages... but 3 weeks ago I finally just said: "well f*ck it, I am just going to do it...". Now that I have been working on content for this website for just about 2 weeks, all I can think is: "why didn't I do this sooner?!".

So after a bit of research, on what software to use to run this website and thinking about the content I, this is the result. As you can see on this page there is a subscribe button to become a member. As a free member you will get all the posts in your inbox automatically.

For you that are wondering how I made this website, I will have a full on article about the journy coming out soon. On top of that there will also be multiple articles posted on how to set a website like this up yourself.

What can you expect?

First of all I hope to put out some awesome content. Β The usual socials have already been created and I will do my best to post articles etc. regularly. You can also subscribe to the email newsletter. Soon I hope I will be also able to start posting video's on YouTube. For now its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

One of the main things I will write about is how to get started with Shopify, but also the more advanced stuff. As I am working on my own Shopify Theme, I will try to build this in public with you.

A couple of the other main things is websites, socials and marketing in general. How is everything connected, how to connect everything and what are the most optimal way's of working. I hope to also learn a whole lot in this process so that I can write about this, right here on this website.

Last but not least I will do some reviews of software, products, but also just random things about tech and security I come along.

For now, I am also really curious about what you would like to see. Please comment on any of the socials or send a DM on any of those platforms.

PS. As I am also still tweaking this website and learning how to properly use the platforms I am working with, including the server side part etc., please do send me a message when you notice something is not working or you see a way to improve.